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Your Wacky Turkey Day Traditions : Discovery News

Here's what YOU had to say about everything from how to cook a turkey to what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers.

We're asking readers to share their favorite, quirky, odd and just plain ol' traditional Thanksgiving traditions. Here's what YOU had to say about everything from how to cook a turkey to what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers.


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benbowmanphd: Dropping a frozen turkey into the fryer remotely to celebrate our mutual love of fire and food #wackyTurkeyDay lilelffaerie: After delicious noms, my family always plays a hugely competitive game of Risk before settling down with pie & a movie. #wackyTurkeyDay cborders: #wackyTurkeyDay RC Car races on the golf course!wackyTurkeyDay dirtytractor: My family's Thanksgiving tradition: Fighting 4 weeks, right up 2 time turkey is cut #wackyTurkeyDay GK_soulmate: @Discovery_News our fam has boy vs. Game night on thanksgiving. Girls always win. #wackyturkeyday tronchin: Drinking "Liquid Turkey" ie cranberry daiquiris. RT @Discovery_News: What's your annual Thanksgiving tradition? RT us #wackyTurkeyDay joelberg: @Discovery_News I had Birthday Cake last year, for obvious reasons #wackyTurkeyDay nsharoff: @Discovery_News I make a BIG batch of cherry stuffing in the a.m. that gets eaten BEFORE Thanksgiving Dinner -- #wackyTurkeyDay WatcherLinda: Me too! Mmmmmmm... :) RT @Disco_Tracy: My absolute favorite though is the pumpkin pie! I LOVE IT. #wackyTurkeyDay WatcherLinda: Chicken instead. RT @Discovery_News: Does anyone else eat something BESIDES turkey? @dnai23 eats crab legs! @Discovery_News #wackyTurkeyDay MissMarcii: Deep dish pizza with turkey as a layer, yum! @Discovery_News, Anyone have a favorite leftover turkey recipe? Turkey curry? #wackyTurkeyDay adanigelis: @Disco_Tracy Salmonella poisoning risk is worth it for a good pumpkin chiffon pie! #wackyTurkeyDay SharonsRose13: @Discovery_News: Making Homemade meal, having family sit AT the dining table, formal setting, & watching House marathon #wackyTurkeyDay RennaW: I have a 6-ft tall cardboard turkey on my office wall. It's grinning and flexing its muscles. #wackyTurkeyDay mcguiresm: RT @Disco_Tracy: My mom roasts 2 turkeys: one for dinner and one for leftovers. #wackyTurkeyDay @Discovery_News<--Genius idea!!!

adanigelis: I know a family in New Jersey that dresses up in costumes for Thanksgiving every year #wackyTurkeyDay DrDustinMartin: @Discovery_News How I eat my meal:crumble bisqts,then mash pot on top,strips of turkey on top,stuffin on top,drench in gravy #wackyTurkeyDaydrench lipsh: @Discovery_News I'm a Canadian, with an early October Thanksgiving (due to short farm season here) married an American, so I get a 2nd one!

Greytdog: @Discovery_News once went to Golden Corral (aka Bubba Buffet). Worst T-day ever. . .disgusting disgusting disgusting LinLorienelen:@Discovery_News I've never liked turkey. Luckily my aunt also makes: glazed ham, prime rib, or (my favourite) lamb roast.

dnai23: @Discovery_News My family does crab legs...none of us really care for turkey =)

thejuliethour: @Discovery_News We didn't account for the turkey when measuring oil for the fryer and our patio got covered in hot oil... #wackyTurkeyDay ernieschell: RT @Discovery_News: Who doesn't eat turkey for Thanksgiving? Best we have so far is fish & chips! [I've heard of pizza!]

katherinen: @Discovery_News: I'm married to a Canadian so we celebrate 2 Thanksgivings - but never with turkey! #wackyTurkeyDay