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You Think You Know Dinosaurs - Think Again!

Large lizards stomping around the planet - that's all there is to dinosaurs, right? WRONG! Some dinosaurs had brightly colored feathers. Some were attentive parents. Some gave birth to live young rather than hatching eggs. Want to see?

Did you know there were prehistoric mammals living on earth with dinosaurs? Did you know that not all dinosaurs laid eggs? Did you know that Tyrannosaurus Rex was an attentive parent? Did you know that prehistoric frogs were big enough to eat small dinosaurs? Watch this and more. See the horned dinosaur Parasaurolophus who walked on two legs and on all fours. Experience the quiet moments like a dinosaur resting as well as gruesome dino battles to the end all through AMAZING CGI that will take you back in time.

Watch the whole playlist of dinosaur videos here:;=PLfpPYJH6OjtZGZH1hlR40wD4rnq14p41x&index;=1