Nikola Tesla at work in his Colorado Springs laboratory, circa 1899. | Wikimedia Commons

WTF Science: 5 Bizarre Studies Make You Say 'Huh?'

We should keep scientific research as unfettered as possible, but sometimes things get weird.

Published On 09/30/2015
7:00 AM EDT
Tommy Potter, Charlie Parker, Max Roach (behind Parker), Miles Davis, and Duke Jordan, New York, N.Y. | Wikimedia Commons
Nicolae Minovici and one of his early self-hanging devices. | Wikimedia Commons
In 1999, a team of researchers from Rowan University and Temple University devised a research study to determine whose hand is uppermost when men and women hold hands in public. | Thinkstock
Most pools are filled with water, not syrup. | Thinkstock
You look lovely this evening. | Wikimedia Commons