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Would You Live In A 700-Year-Old Cave?

Maybe — if it was as comfy as this!

<p>Photo credit; Barcroft TV</p>
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Nine years ago, Angelo Mastropietro was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. For a while, Angelo was paralyzed, and that was what spurred him eventually to reconsider his life - and build a home in a cave. The 4-bedroom cave home is located in the UK's Wyre Forest, and it has everything a person would want in a vacation home.

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Amazingly, Angelo was able to do most of the home-building himself, which included excavating 70 tons of rubble from the cave. While purists may argue that the cave can no longer be a cave if it has been fashioned into a house - it even has WiFi and ventilation channels! - Angelo actually ensured that the cave wouldn't lose its essence. The house has fresh water coming from a bore hole that Angelo created.

Given this, it's suiting that "Mastropietro" means "master of stone."

Video via Barcroft TV