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Largest Electric Vehicle Rally Zips Across Europe

EV enthusiasts from around the world are going for 1,000 miles in a super-charged convoy.

If you were wondering what electric vehicles can really do, the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) Trophy EV Rally heading across Europe is massive proof.

Encompassing e-bikes, trucks, and even retrofitted classic cars, a wide range of vehicles joined the convoy in Germany that passes along more than 1,110 miles to the finish in Switzerland.

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The rally set off on June 11 in Bremerhaven, Germany, with 70 teams from 10 countries. They are passing through a bunch of cities en route to the cobblestone streets of Liestal near Basel in Switzerland. Along the way, the EV enthusiasts are raising awareness for green transport as well as connecting with sustainability companies that dot the route.

School kids are also getting involved by writing pledge cards committing to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Local electric vehicles picked up the pledge cards, and the WAVE Trophy convoy is stopping at the United Nations in Geneva to present all of them as a single card.

The WAVE EV rallies first started in 2011, the vision of Swiss environmentalist Louis Palmer. The 25 vehicles participating in that first event went from Paris through the Swiss Alps to the Czech Republic in two weeks. They wanted to inspire mayors and locals with clean vehicle tech at stops in 40 cities.

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Last year, Palmer's WAVE at the Formula E race at Berlin Tempelhof Airport brought together 576 vehicles and set a Guinness World Record for largest parade of electric vehicles.

So far, the 2016 WAVE Trophy EV Rally has received enthusiastic welcomes from the public at each stop. Even a bunch of rain in recent days hasn't dampened spirits.

When a Tesla Roadster participating in the rally recently showed up in Choindez, Switzerland, school kids there understandably got excited. Summer is a time for parades, and this ambitious one is worth cheering.

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