Winter Storm Hercules: Photos

Winter Storm Hercules wreaked havoc and dropped feet of snow throughout the Midwest and Northeast.

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Winter Storm Hercules brought heavy snow and fierce winds to the Midwest and Northeast and has been blamed for at least nine deaths so far. Here, drivers in Cleveland battle high winds and heavy snowfall as they navigate on The Detroit Shoreway on Cleveland's West Side.

NEWS: Snowstorm Slams U.S. Northeast

This satellite image taken on January 3, 2014 by the Suomi NPP satellite shows the blanket of snow that stretches from the Midwest across to New England.

A pedestrian walks along Carroll Creek in Frederick, Md.

PHOTOS: Blizzard Nemo Slams Into U.S. East Coast

Firefighters in Brooklyn, N.Y. dig out of their firehouse after Hercules deposited up to 8 inches of snow in the area.

NEWS: 'Snowquester' Storm Seen from Space

Headlights of a car illuminate the street on Cleveland, Ohio's W. 112th St. after power was lost.

Naming Nemo: How the Storm Got Its Name

A snow plow removes snow on a street near a statue put on a bench in New York.

Being in the doghouse isn't always bad, especially for this Brooklyn, N.Y. dog scooting into an actual doghouse, during the fun of newly fallen snow.

PHOTOS: Winter Wonderland

Boston pup Leyla has a blast in the new powder.

A husky in Somerville, Ma., with snow-fearlessness in its genes, waits for its owner outside of a store.

A Brighton, Ma. resident takes his son and puppy to a dog park for some fun before the storm worsens.

A branch and its berries in St. Michael's, Md. bear up under the weight of Hercules.

This green fairy light stands out against the sea of white.

A young man snowboards in Chicago's Humboldt Park. An unexpected look for a beach, but that's winter for you.

A Cleveland, Ohio resident clears snow in the Edgewater neighborhood of the city.

Twitter users, too, have been photographing the new year's winter weather. From Twitter user @GutterIsATool: @Discovery_News Here's a good #snowstorm pic from the NHL Winter Classic in Ann Arbor, MI.


From Twitter user @JPMajor: @Discovery_News 27" drifts in my back yard here in RI!

Finally, a healthy reminder that, storms notwithstanding, it takes a lot to knock humans off their game. This runner will not be kept from completing his appointed rounds of daily roadwork.