WingSuit BASE Jumping: 7 Coolest Videos of All Time

Get your armchair adrenaline groove on with this collection of riveting wingsuit flight videos.

Jumping off of a cliff dressed like a flying squirrel might not be for everyone, but watching some of the coolest videos ever of wingsuit BASE jumping certainly is. Get your armchair adrenaline groove on with this collection of riveting wingsuit flight videos.

1. Daredevil BASE Jumper Flies through Waterfall in Amazing Wingsuit

According to the credits on this first video, this man was the first to ever fly through a waterfall on a wingsuit flight. While he may make it look easy, when you realize that he's moving through the air at 85 mph, and has a small window of altitude to hit in order to both get through the waterfall and miss the next cliff, this video really ought to make our eyeballs pop out of our heads.

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2. Ultimate BASE Jump Mashup, by Dean Potter

Climbers, slackliners, and BASE jumping enthusiasts know about Dean Potter's amazing skills, but for the rest of you, this video from National Geographic Adventure Magazine's 2009 Adventurers of the Year is a great little peek at Potter's wingsuit escapades.

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3. Wingsuit BASE Jumping on Skis

Thanks to wingsuits, skiing right off the side of a huge mountain isn't just for James Bond anymore. And while the footage of these snowy flights certainly held my attention, I couldn't help but wonder what happens to all of those skis they jettison? And when will someone invent a ski that you don't jettison, but which transforms into a flight accessory on takeoff?

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4. Wingsuit BASE Jumping, by Shane Murphy

The view from Murphy's cameras as he comes flying down the face of cliffs and over alpine lakes at what seems to be right at level of the trees is simply incredible. And since for most of us, it's the closest we'll actually get to BASE jumping, you gotta love the advances in video which make it easy to capture footage like this.

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5. Amazing Wingsuit BASE Jump at Tausendsassa

From the Red Bull Air Force comes this wingsuit flight from a south face rib off the Jungfrau. At the very beginning of the flight, it looks like the jumper, Miles Daisher, is inches away from the cliff, which makes for exciting footage, and then as he peels away from the cliffs, the view is simply astounding.

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6. Wingsuit BASE Jumping from THE SHARP END

The following clip is from The Sharp End (2008, Sender Films), and it features Chris McNamara's flights in some fantastic footage of wingsuit BASE jumping, along with some great commentary about what it's like to jump off a cliff and fly along the face of it.

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7. Wingsuit BASE Jump with Jet Engines

And now for something completely different. For this guy, jumping off of a hot air balloon in a wingsuit is just not enough. So to add a little something to the flight, he's attached jet engines to his feet. According to the flyer (pilot? rocketman?), he achieved a half a minute of horizontal flight before he ran out of gas. For more adrenaline-pumping content, check out The Adrenalist.

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