Why You Shouldn't Be Scared Of Vampire Bats

Vampire bats aren't exactly the animals you expect them to be. Just because they drink blood doesn't mean it's not for a good cause!

Why Female Vampire Bats Donate Blood to Friends (National Geographic)
"Female vampire bats donate blood to friends to ensure their survival down the road-suggesting the animals' social lives are much more sophisticated than we thought, a new study says."

Vampire Bats Can Walk, Jump, and Run on the Ground (Slate)
"Vampire bats can stalk prey many thousands of times their own size, so one wrong move can mean a lost chance at a meal or worse, a hoof to the skull. Blood-feeding requires the stealth of a snow leopard, not the rash aerial acrobatics of the vampire bat's insect-catching cousins. And so the vampire crawls."