Why You Look Ugly When You Cry

Whenever you see someone crying, you probably notice that the person looks less attractive than normal. Why do we look ugly when we cry? Join Laci as she explains what's happening in your body when you tear up!

It's a fairly popular assumption that men and women express their emotions differently and this is especially true when it comes to crying. Research shows major gaps in how often men and women cry. A recent study found women cry 47 times per year while men, on average, reported only crying 7 times per year.

Where does this disparity come from? Well, societal pressures and cultural norms are likely at play here. American culture, for instance, has a long history of encouraging men to release their anger and emotions through physical aggression. Women, on the other hand, tend to be stereotyped as overly emotional and criticized for crying too much.

Still, why the ugly cry face? When we cry, our lacrimal glands have to produce tear fluid, a process supported by increased blood flow to our eyes. That's why your eyes get bloodshot and your pupils dilate. Our eyes also tend to puff up when we cry. The salt in tears leads to water retention and swelling around our eyes. More blood is also flowing to the whole facial region, causing a strained, red, puffy face-the same physiological reaction that comes with the "Fight or Flight" instinct.

Do you have an especially good and ugly cry face? Tell us (or even show us?) in the comments below.

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