Why Workaholics Are The Least Productive

Are you addicted to work? It can't be bad to enjoy working hard, can it?

The Journal of Management just published a meta-analysis about workaholism, or the tendency of being addicted to working. The study showed that self-professed "workaholics" practice a number of bad behaviors: they tend to skip meals, get more stressed, and be in worse health. In the long run, all of these factors, not surprisingly, cause workers to end up being far less productive.

Melissa Clark, the lead author of the study, does point out one important distinction between "workaholism" and just working more because you enjoy your job. People who work hard because they love what they do don't have any of the negative outcomes that workaholics do. A good differentiator between being the two groups, she notes, is that non-workaholics can step away from their work without feeling guilt or shame.

Dr. Brian E Robinson agrees with the study. In his book, Chained to the Desk, he says workaholics tend to get less done because they take on too much work, don't delegate, and often end up being more disorganized than their coworkers.

What causes someone to be a workaholic? Surprisingly, the study found that compulsive work habits are not driven by the desire to make more money. The study found that workaholics tend to be perfectionists. It's driven by a deep-rooted psychological need to satisfy, not unlike an addict would have drug cravings.

Do you ever wonder that you've become a workaholic? Do you have a hard time prying yourself away from work to deal with personal matters? Let us know in the comments below.

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