Why We See The White Light Near Death

No one truly knows what happens when we die, but chances are you've heard about the 'white light' that people sometimes see when they've had a near death experience. So is that evidence of an afterlife, or is something else goin' on? Laci explains.

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Surge of neurophysiological coherence and connectivity in the dying brain
"The brain is assumed to be hypoactive during cardiac arrest."

Electrical signatures of consciousness in the dying brain
"A University of Michigan animal study shows high electrical activity in the brain after clinical death."

How Near-death Experiences Work
"Science cannot ultimately explain why some people have near-death experiences. That's not to say that current scientific explanations are incorrect, but NDEs are complex, subjective and emotionally charged."

'Near death' has biological basis
"Near death experiences appear to have a biological explanation, research suggests."

Understanding How the Brain Works to Provide Spatial Awareness
"Have you ever wondered where humans get their sense of direction? Some of us would say it is a learned process and we are are taught this, while others would say that is instinct and an ancient survival mechanism."

Has science explained life after death?
"In 1991, Atlanta, Ga. resident Pam Reynolds had a near-death experience (NDE). Reynolds underwent surgery for a brain aneurysm, and the procedure required doctors to drain all the blood from her brain."

Near-Death Experiences May Not Be Evidence Of An Afterlife, Rather A Surge In Brain Activity
"Near-death experiences (NDEs) have been described by many as proof of the afterlife - intense white light, hallucinations of dead loved ones talking to them, angels and so on. Now, a slightly less romantic but more scientifically sound explanation has emerged - the brain experiences a surge of activity shortly before death."

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