Why Voters Choose Authoritarian Leaders

Being authoritarian may increase your chances of being a popular leader, but why?

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Belarus poised to re-elect the "last dictator in Europe" (Reuters)
"Lukashenko's re-election five years ago led to mass protests and the imprisonment of leading opposition figures, but support for his 20-year-old regime has risen after he cast himself as the guarantor of stability in the face of economic crisis and a pro-Russian separatist conflict in neighbouring Ukraine."

The complete guide to how Trump can make himself the first American dictator (Quartz)
"Let's consider one of Trump's proposals: to strengthen libel law so that he can punish those who criticize him. Could he do this?"
"The president acts through other people; Trump cannot accomplish anything unless he can place loyalists in positions of power."

Why do so many people vote 'unnaturally'? A cultural explanation for voting behavior (ResearchGate)
" deciding how to vote, we expect that two interests lead to different choices: economic interests related to class, on the one hand, and cultural interests related to cultural capital, on the other.