Why The CIA Ran Secret LSD Tests On Unsuspecting Civilians

In the early 1950s, the CIA conducted numerous tests on unsuspecting civilians to determine whether or not psychedelics could control minds.

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This week on TestTube Plus, we'll be talking about the world of psychedelic drugs--from uses in different cultures, to military applications, what they do to your brain and perhaps even a few mind-bending alternatives. As always, pop in your headphones, sit back and let's start at the very beginning.

The promise of psychoactive drugs' power--from being able to force someone to tell you their deepest, darkest secrets, to having complete control over somebody's actions--have led a number of governments--from the Nazis to the CIA--to attempt to harness their power by experimenting with them on often-unsuspecting research subjects.

During World War II, the so-called "Angel of Death", Josef Mengele, and other Nazi doctors experimented on concentration camp prisoners with mescaline and other forms of psychotropic drugs. In 1953, a pair of Canadian researchers tried to use high doses of LSD to "scare" alcoholics into sobriety. Their "mystical" and "near-religious experiences" convinced them to stop drinking.

In the midst of Cold War paranoia, the U.S. government thought psychedelic drugs could be used to get people to reveal information against their will. There are numerous reports of the U.S. Navy and the CIA using LSD in a number of nefarious ways in the 1950s. The project, codename "MKULTRA", spanned eight years, during which the CIA experimented with LSD on unwitting American civilians, prisoners, government employees, and even their own agents. It was terminated in the mid-1960s and the CIA destroyed most of the program's records. In 1977, however, the public learned about the program via a discovery of a cache of 20,000 surviving documents. To this day, the full extent of the government's psychedelic experimentation remains uncertain.

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