Why Superdelegates Favor Clinton to Sanders

The Democratic Party's nomination process includes unpledged delegates called superdelegates. So what are superdelegates and are they fair?

Un-Democratic Party: DNC chair says superdelegates ensure elites don't have to run "against grassroots activists" (salon.com)
"The Democratic Party's superdelegate system has come under attack this presidential election, as critics blast it as undemocratic."

Will superdelegates pick the Democratic nominee? Here's everything you need to know. (washingtonpost.com)
"A day after Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary Clinton 60.4 percent to 38 percent in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, many Clinton opponents charged that she and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) were undermining the outcome."

Superdelegates Might Not Save Hillary Clinton (fivethirtyeight.com)
"If you look at a Democratic delegate tracker like this one from The New York Times, you'll find that Hillary Clinton has a massive 394-44 delegate lead over Bernie Sanders so far, despite having been walloped by Sanders in New Hampshire and only essentially having tied him in Iowa."

2016 Democratic National Convention
"Unpledged Delegates -- By State"