Why Some Animals Have Multiple Penises

Scientists discovered a millipede that has 414 legs, 200 poison glands, and 4 penises! What other animals have more than one penis and why?

Next time you're at en entomologist convention, try this joke: What has 414 legs, 200 poison glands and buys condoms in a four-pack? A Illacme tobini on Tinder! This bit kills at the diplopodologist afterparties.

The bug in question, a kind of millipede, surprised scientists when it was discovered in 2016 for many reasons, chief among them the fact that the li'l feller has four penises. It also has no eyes. Oh, and it uses its multiple penises as an extra set of legs, like it needs them. Trace Dominguez has the story in today's DNews report, with bones details on penile spikes, hooks and sperm scoopers. Science!

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