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Why Is NASA Based In Houston?

In 1962, NASA named Houston as its home base, but the city is 1,015 miles away from the launch sites. So why is mission control in Texas?

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Why do we launch rockets from Cape Canaveral? (
"Why are so many rocket launches done from Cape Canaveral in Florida? There are two main reasons."

NASA Johnson Space Center 1958 -1978 (
"NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center's roots were firmly planted in 1958-the same year that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established-when the space agency created the Space Task Group (STG) headed by Robert R. Gilruth. "

Manned Spacecraft Center: Site Selection Procedure (
"The procedure for selecting a site for a manned space flight laboratory, one of four major facilities required for the manned lunar landing mission set by the President, was as follows:"

Massive cuts proposed to NASA earth science budget draw protest (
"The Planetary Society, which the House Science Committee press release suggests supports the bill (and we reported as such at the bottom of this post), has submitted clarifying information that it actually does not."