Why Is Iraq's Green Zone So Controversial?

In 2016, Iraqi civilians stormed into the heavily fortified Green Zone to protest government corruption. So, what is the Green Zone?

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Protesters Rush Parliament Inside Baghdad's Green Zone (npr.org)
"In Baghdad this weekend, protests against corruption and inactions spilled over the walls of the Green Zone. That's the secure center of government where Parliament and foreign embassies are located. Demonstrators breached the barricades, terrifying legislators."

Welcome to the Green Zone (theatlantic.com)
"The Green Zone is a little America embedded in the heart of Baghdad. It is the former preserve of Saddam Hussein and his favored associates-an uncrowded district of villas, palaces, and monuments set in a parklike expanse that spreads for four square miles inside a meander of the Tigris River at the center of the ruined city."

Iraq's parliament to block PM's technocrat cabinet: MPs (reuters.com)
"Iraq's parliament is unlikely to vote on a new cabinet line-up proposed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in an attempt to curb corruption after lawmakers said ... the dominant political blocs would name their own ministerial candidates."

Photo of Republican Palace by Jim Gordon/CC BY 2.0