Why India Is Building The Longest Border Wall In The World

India is in the process of building a 2,500-mile fence, on the border with Bangladesh, once it's complete it will be the longest border fence in the world.

India is currently in the process of building the world's longest border wall along their 2,500 mile border with Bangladesh. The wall is made of double-fence barbed wire and requires a police force of 70,000 to guard it. The main point of these intense security measures is to keep Bangladeshi immigrants out of India.

Even though the wall is designed to keep out illegal immigrants of all kinds, Bangladeshi Muslims have faced worse persecution than others who try to cross the border. Immigrants who are Hindi or who promise to convert to Hinduism, a process referred to as "Homecoming," are given much more leniency by the border police.

The police themselves are faced with daily scrutiny as well. They're accused of being too easy on border crossers one minute, and then accused of brutality the next. Some are paid off by cattle smugglers while others are so dedicated they chase down illegal border crossers, sometimes for hours.

India has a strong desire to maintain a society with a homogenous national identity and they're going to great lengths to achieve it. There are immense resources being used and a great deal of time spent on trying to keep Bangladeshis out of India, but at what cost?

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