Why Everyone Should Sleep Naked!

How often do you sleep in your birthday suit? Here's why sleeping naked is actually very beneficial for you.

As loyal readers know, here at DNews we humbly endeavor -- each and every day -- to bring the benefits of science and knowledge to all who seek the truth. It is in this very spirit that we encourage you all to sleep naked.

No, really. Amy Shira-Teitel has the details in today's DNews dispatch.

Sleeping naked is the healthy thing to do for several reasons, but most of them concern temperature regulation. No clothes means cooler skin, in general, and cooler skin means better sleep. Science knows this.

One neurological study, in the admirably-named journal Brain, found that even a moderate cooling of the skin -- as little as 1.08 degrees Fahrenheit -- helps people sleep more deeply. Especially with elderly people, cooler skin prevents waking during the night. The research confirms earlier studies that suggest warmer skin, in both humans and animals, disturbs sleep.

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Sleeping naked also allows your skin to breathe, and this this can be particularly important for women. Because bacteria, including yeast, thrive in warm moist areas, staying cool and dry during the night can decrease bacterial growth and help prevent yeast infections.

As for the fellas, some men prefer to sleep naked to keep the testicles cooler and improve sperm count. A good night's sleep also improves testosterone levels.

Perhaps you've sensed where this is leading: If it is your habit to sleep next to another person, then staying naked in bed has even more benefits. Skin-to-skin contact is a powerful form of mind-body medicine. Touching releases oxytocin -- the so-called love hormone -- which strengthens emotional bonding and promotes feelings of safety and security.

Touching also boosts your immune system, steadies cortisol levels, and lowers blood pressure. Sex itself ramps up all these benefits, and adds in several more. Anecdotal evidence suggests that, while sleeping naked next to someone else doesn't necessarily lead to sex, it certainly doesn't hurt your odds. What's not to like?

So go ahead and sleep naked, won't you? For science! For health! For America!

-- Glenn McDonald

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