Why Does The Sound Of Chewing Drive Us Nuts?

Some people can't stand the sound of others chewing, but researchers believe this annoyance might be more than just a pet peeve.

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Misophonia: Diagnostic Criteria for a New Psychiatric Disorder (PLOS)
"Some patients report a preoccupation with a specific aversive human sound that triggers impulsive aggression. This condition is relatively unknown and has hitherto never been described, although the phenomenon has anecdotally been named misophonia."

Heading: Anatomy, Physiology, and Disorders of the Auditory System (Medicina Facial)
"It is now recognized that disorders of one part of the auditory system often affect the function of other parts of the auditory system. This is especially apparent with regard to hyperactive disorders such as tinnitus and hyperacusis, but even noise induced hearing loss and presbycusis are not isolated cochlear phenomena, for the auditory nervous system is involved in these disorders."