Why Does Brazil Hate Its President?

Protesters are calling for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff as she faces corruption scandals. So why do Brazilians want her out?

Release of tapped phone calls between Lula and Rousseff sparks mass protests in Brazil (guardian.com)
"On Wednesday night tens of thousands of Brazilians had gathered in São Paulo, Brasília, Belo Horizonte and other major cities to demand the president's resignation."

Brazilian economy's steep slide raises specter of depression (reuters.com)
"Gross domestic product (GDP) shrank 3.8 percent last year, capped by another steep contraction in the fourth quarter ... It was the worst performance of any G20 nation in 2015."

Brazil's Petrobras scandal has finally reached Dilma Rousseff's inner circle
"With the corruption scandal coming on top of climbing unemployment, a water shortage in Brazil's most populous city, and a bleak economic forecast, it's no wonder Rousseff's approval ratings are tanking [...]"

Brazil's Petrobras scandal, explained
"The malfeasance of the Brazilian elite, then, is coming out just as ordinary Brazilians are experiencing truly difficult times. Traditional anti-elitism and economic pressures are sparking an explosion of anger."