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Why Do We Like Shiny Things?

Why are we drawn to shiny objects? Just because they're attractive? Or is there a deeper reason?

Everybody likes shiny things, right? Right – so long as you're talking about humans. Studies have shown that our species, more than any other, is consistently attracted to shiny objects and glossy images. Why is that? Well, you'll be happy to know that an international research team has been studying this exact question for the last several years.

In fact, the researchers have published six separate studies that come at the question from different angles. Multiple experiments suggest that our love of shiny things is not learned behavior – babies like 'em, too. And it doesn't appear to be about aesthetic visual appeal. So what's the real reason we like our shiny stuff? The researchers have a theory, and it's as surprising as it is persuasive. Jules Suzdaltsev has the answer in today's DNews report.

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