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Why Do We Get Eye Boogers?

Do eye boogers play a crucial role in maintaining the overall health of our eyes, or are they just a gross inconvenience?

Here at Seeker World Headquarters, actually a perpetual virtual reality construct powered by quantum supercomputers, we strive to illuminate all areas of human knowledge. To that end, today we have assembled a precis on the enduring biological mystery of eye goop. When you wake up, that crusty stuff in the corner of eye may be an annoyance. But it's actually the byproducts of several critical biological functions.

The eyeball has multiple layers of protection to prevent injury and infection, and eye goop is largely the remnants of an oily substance called meibum – keep that word in your pocket for your next Scrabble game. But why does it end up on the outside of your eye? And what it it made of, exactly? Julian Huguet has the details in today's DNews report.

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