Why Do Men Think Women Like Them When They Clearly Don't?

Science just proved that men can't tell when women are interested in them. Why are they so bad at picking up on women's emotions?

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Flirting with Meaning: An Examination of Miscommunication in Flirting Interactions (Research Gate)
"It is proposed that people flirt for a variety of different reasons including the desire to increase sexual interaction. Six flirting motivations derived from the literature are considered in this study: sex, fun, exploring, relational, esteem, and instrumental. The motivations attributed to flirting behaviors by men and women in typical flirting interactions are explored."

I Want Her to Want Me: Sexual Misperception as a Function of Heterosexual Men's Romantic Attachment Style (Science Direct)
"Heterosexual men consistently over perceive women's sexual interest. Past studies have related overperception to individual and situational factors such as alcohol intoxication, but nobody has yet investigated personality factors that may contribute to sexual misperception."

It's True: Men Can't Read Women's Emotions, Study Confirms (NBC News)
"It's a cliché that men just don't understand women. Now, new research suggests men really do struggle to read women's emotions - at least from their eyes. The research, published Wednesday (April 10) in the journal PLOS ONE, showed that men had twice as much trouble deciphering women's emotions from images of their eyes compared with those of men."