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Why Can't We Vote Online?

Voting online would create a new level of convenience during elections, so why haven't we been taking advantage of it?

We do a lot of things online these days – shopping, banking, even dating. But it's very unlikely that we'll be voting online anytime soon, for one very simple and very important reason: It isn't safe. Online transactions of any kind are notoriously vulnerable to hacking, and when it comes to preserving democracy in the world's most powerful nation, the risk of tampering is just too great.

Online security firm McAfee estimates that 89 percent of online security breaches are motivated by issues of finance or espionage. That last category is the one that keeps election officials up at night. If there's even a slight possibility that hackers, working on behalf of nation states, could influence an election, then online voting isn't a viable option. For more on the risks of online voting, check out today's Election Day special report from Jackie Koppell.

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