Why Can't Scars Tan or Grow Hair?

When a wound heals into a scar, it changes the skin forever. What exactly happens to the skin when it's scarred?

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Abnormal pigmentation within cutaneous scars: A complication of wound healing (NIH)
"Abnormally pigmented scars are an undesirable consequence of cutaneous wound healing and are a complication every single individual worldwide is at risk of. They present a challenge for clinicians, as there are currently no definitive treatment options available, and render scars much more noticeable making them highly distressing for patients."

New mechanical insights into wound healing and scar tissue formation (EurekAlert)
"New research published today in the Journal of Cell Biology illuminates the mechanical factors that play a critical role in the differentiation and function of fibroblasts, connective tissue cells that play a role in wound healing and scar tissue formation"