Who Are North Korea's Allies?

Even North Korea, the world's most isolated nation, gets by with a little help from its friends. So how many allies does North Korea have?

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North Korea Least Favorable Among Nations (gallup.com)
"Americans rate North Korea the least favorably of 22 countries rated in Gallup's 2014 World Affairs poll, with 11% having a favorable opinion of the country."

North and South Korea: how different are they? (dw.com)
"The Korean peninsula was once one country; then a conflict carved it down the middle and created two nations divided by their rulers' opposing ideologies."

The China-North Korea Relationship (cfr.org)
"China is North Korea's most important ally, biggest trading partner, and main source of food, arms, and energy."

Dawning diplomacy? Flurry of trips suggests North Korea needs new allies (theguardian.com)
"High-ranking North Korean officials have been sent on separate trips to Russia, Cuba and Equatorial Guinea this week in a gesture that suggests the notoriously secretive state could be changing its attitude to international diplomacy."