Who Are Nepal's Sherpas & Why Are They Fighting The Government?

Sherpas guide foreign climbers up Everest, a high price for a small sum. So why isn't the Nepalese government doing more to protect them?

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What to Know Before Climbing Mount Everest This Year
"In response to Sherpa demands after the 2014 avalanche, the Nepali government raised the required insurance coverage scale for mountain workers. Life insurance increased 50 percent to $15,000 for high-altitude workers, and medical insurance will rise by 33 percent to $4,000, costs that are paid by expeditions."

Will Everest's Climbing Circus Slow Down After Disasters?
"Barely a year after Everest's worst disaster killed 16 Sherpas in an avalanche, the 2015 climbing season began as usual. A record number of climbers-359-assembled at the Base Camp, many of them repeaters from the aborted 2014 season. Even though April's quake trumped the 2014 record death toll on the mountain, expectations are that 2016 will draw another large crowd."