Which Country is the Happiest?

Many countries claim to have happy citizens, but which country is rated the "happiest"? How do you even measure happiness?

According to the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica is the happiest country on the planet. Of course, when you have beaches like this, it's hard to argue with that. Beautiful beaches, though, weren't the only determining factor in the HPI's rankings.

HPI looks at the general well-being of a country and its citizens. This is built off the results from a Gallup World Poll that asks people to rate their overall happiness on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the best. Denmark, Canada, and Norway rated the highest and Togo had the lowest score. Then, that number is multiplied by the life expectancy of the country, based on a 2011 United Nations study. That number is then divided by the country's ecological footprint. HPI wanted to take sustainability into account. After all, the happiest country in the world should be able to nourish and support its residents for many generations to come. The resulting equation looks like this:

(Happiness Rating x Life Expectancy) / Ecological Footprint = HPI Score Is the HPI a definitive ranking? Clearly not. Measuring happiness is tricky and completely subjective. Other polls incorporate more economic data. After all, shouldn't happy countries have a sound economic support system? What about measuring political corruption? It's difficult to measure, but the United Nations believes it's incredibly important. March 20 is officially International Day of Happiness.

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