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Which Countries Still Have Colonies?

It has been 55 years since the UN called for the independence of colonies, yet 17 colonies remain. So, where are these colonies?

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In Message to Special Committee, Secretary-General Urges International Community to Find Innovative Ways of Decolonization in Remaining 17 Territories
"Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's message, as delivered by Jens Toyberg-Frandzen, Interim Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, to the opening of the 2015 session of the Special Committee on Decolonization, in New York today:"

The United Nations and Decolonization
"Non-Self-Governing Territories"

The Challenge of Decolonization of Africa
"Through the process of decolonization that began, in most African territories, at the close of World War II, African leaders gained greater political power under European rule."

Puerto Rico's Political Status and the 2012 Plebiscite: Background and Key Questions
"For the first time since 1998, voters in Puerto Rico went to the polls in November 2012 to reconsider the island's relationship with the federal government (a concept known as 'political status')."