Which Countries Have Shrinking Populations?

With global population rising, some countries are moving in the opposite direction. What are the consequences of shrinking populations?

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"Shrinking populations pose a formidable fiscal challenge."

Despite Shrinking Populations, Eastern Europe Resists Accepting Migrants (nytimes.com)
"In Germany, the arrival of an expected one million migrants this year is being sold to sometimes reluctant citizens, in part, as a way to inject more economic vigor into an aging country whose population is expected to decline 8 percent in the next few decades."

Japan's population is plunging, so where are the babies? (marketplace.org)
"If you think you work long hours, meet Kumi Matsumoto."

Nobody Home: The Countries Where Population Is on the Decline (time.com)
"The global population may have increased by an unprecedented one billion in the past 12 years, but not all parts of the planet are sharing in the people boom."