After an initial blast, a second explosion appears in the background near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. | Getty Images

When Terrorism Targets Sports: Photos

As horrifying at the attack at the Boston Marathon was, sadly this isn't the first time extremists have stained a major sporting event.

Published On 04/16/2013
2:27 AM EDT
A funeral is held for Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, the former Sri Lankan minister of highways, after he was killed in a suicide bombing at a marathon in Sri Lanka. | Getty Images
A funeral ceremony is held for the 11 Israeli Olympians murdered by terrorists during the 1972 Olympics in Munich. | Getty Images
A young woman visits a memorial to the victims of the bombing at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. | Getty Images
Iraqi security personnel investigate the site at which where the head of Iraq's Olympic Committee, Ahmad el Kijiye, was kidnapped. | Getty Images
A Chinese policeman stands guard at the National Stadium in Beijing. | Corbis Images
New Zealand cricket team captain Stephen Fleming gets emotional at a press conference following the suicide bombing. | Getty Images
A funeral is held for a policeman following the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team. | Corbis Images
Debris following an explosion near Real Madrid's stadium is hauled away as spectators look on. | Getty Images
Supporters of Togo soccer march against violence following an attack by a separatist group on the team. | Getty Images