What's Your 'Appitype'?

Take the online quiz and see how a Cornell researcher would categorize your app usage.

Are you always the first to download the latest and greatest in apps? Checking into social networking sites from your phone all day? Or perhaps you are an entertainment guru, watching video and downloading new music releases from your seat on the bus?

However you use them, there's a category to describe your app personality, or what Cornell professor of science and technology studies, Trevor Pinch, calls your "appitype." He took information about app usage from 5,000 smartphone users in 10 different countries and analyzed it to come up with core profile types. Though, keep in mind, he did this while working as a consultant for Nokia, hence the phone suggestion at the end of the appitype online quiz, which is here. Find out what Pinch's data analysis says your app profile.

You might be considered a "creator," on top of entertainment and social networking, or an "appthusiast" who always needs to download the newest app. Or less generically, you might be some hybrid type like the "live wire," who downloads travel, fitness, and social apps.

My appitype was the "appcentric," explained thusly:

You're hard-working, energetic and productive. You have a lot of contacts, and you're not afraid to use them! You're conventional and prefer data management, numerical and organisational pursuits. You get the most out of the more functional apps on your mobile device, which you use as a pocket-sized computer. While you don't download apps that often, you always get the most out of the ones you do use.

Hmmm... well my sign is also Pisces (I think, who knows these days...) and according to Cafe Astrology.com,

Many Pisces seem almost allergic to things like shopping lists, maps, directions and instructions, and for some brave souls, even watches - they prefer to feel their way through life than to follow some plan.

So I don't know how to resolve this, as a hard worker with no direction, apparently. Get a horoscope app to guide me when the iGoogle task list overwhelms? Can Nokia personality quizzes really be considered great research - what's the point, if not to make us all more giddy over our smartphones?

Perhaps I'm being cynical. Actually, no, I am definitely being cynical. But who can resist a quiz? In fact, I found out just how cynical one random website based on who-knows-what science thinks I am (try yourself, here).