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What's So Bad About Big Banks?

Six of Wall Street's banks hold up to 60 percent of the U.S. GDP. So what would happen if a big bank failed?

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Too Big To Fail: The Pros and Cons of Breaking Up Big Banks (
"U.S. banks, on average, have grown increasingly larger over time, while the total number of banks has declined."

Remembering the Fed's Last Big Bailout (
"By 1984, Continental was the nation's eight-largest bank, with the added mystique of being based in Chicago, rather than the locus of financial power that is New York."

If It's Too Big To Fail, Is It Too Big To Exist? (
"Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chairman and current White House adviser, for instance, has suggested that the government limit how much money big institutions can wager trading."

Can Hillary Outflank Bernie on Wall Street Reform? (
"If there's one issue in the Democratic presidential primary on which Bernie Sanders's advantage over Hillary Clinton should be clear-cut, it is Wall Street reform."