What Your Farts Say About Your Health

We all do it, but why exactly do we fart? And what can farting tell us about our health?

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Why We Need a Better Way to Measure Farts (BBC)
"Digestion depends on the subtle interactions between your genes, diet, metabolism, and the myriad micro-organisms inhabiting your body, each of which may leave its signature in gaseous by-products. A noticeable change in your farts' peculiar recipe might therefore be a sign of serious diseases affecting any part of that process."

Got Gas? It Could Mean You've Got Healthy Gut Microbes (NPR)
"We know that air often comes after eating nutrient-packed vegetables, such as cabbage, kale and broccoli. And researchers have found that fiber-rich foods, like beans and lentils, boost the levels of beneficial gut bacteria after only a few days, as we reported in December. So all this got us wondering: Could passing gas, in some instances, be a sign that our gut microbes are busy keeping us healthy?"

Why Do Some Farts Smell Like Eggs? 5 Different Types of Flatulence, Decoded For Your Reading Pleasure (Bustle)
"Regular farting is a sign that you're consuming enough fiber, and have a healthy collection of bacteria in your intestines. But what do the subtle variations in the smells and frequency of your farts - the "flavor notes," if you will - mean? Read on to find out."