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What Would A Unified Israel-Palestine Look Like?

With the international community urging a two-state solution, many Israelis and Palestinians are considering the idea of a single state.

For decades, Palestine and Israel have been entrenched in a seemingly endless conflict and many are starting to wonder if peace will ever be established in the conflict-torn region. Experts theorize that there are only have two viable options for peace: a one-state solution or a two-state solution.

Advocated since the 1970s, the two-state solution, or the creation of two entirely separate states, once saw broad support. However that solution is becoming increasingly less likely, as Israel is expanding its settlements against the outcry of the international community. Taking this into consideration, many are predicting that the one-state solution, or the creation of a singular, unified state, looks far more likely.

But there are some major issues the two countries would have to resolve in order for that to happen. Israel and Palestine have different cultures, religions, languages and even radically different understandings of history. With all this considered, could a one-state solution really bring peace?

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