What Will the World Be Like 150 Years from Now?

In the future, technology, human behavior and society may have changed the most.

July 3, 2013
7:00 AM EDT
In the future, nanorobots will patrol our bodies and destroy disease as it breaks out. | iStockPhoto
What will happen to human jobs once robots become capable of doing most of the basic tasks? | iStockPhoto
Satellites could beam solar power energy down from orbit. | NASA
The proliferation of private companies engaged in space flight already means that in the future, we'll have colonies outside of Earth. | Wikimedia Commons
Future citizens of the Earth may only know animals such as chimpanzees, elephants, and lions from books. | Firefly Productions/CORBIS
A "wet connection" will likely link the organic tissue of brains with computerized technology. | KTSDESIGN/Science Photo Library/iStockPhoto
Computers of the future will be able to hold conversations and perhaps even be self-aware. | IBM
The future of space travel might resemble the explosion in information technology that marked the 1990s. | Wikimedia Commons
By analyzing the contents of exoplanet atmospheres, it's probable that humans will discover extant or extinct life outside of the Earth. | Creasource/Corbis
In an ultra-networked world, people may have to create different online personas to meet different needs. | iStockPhoto
Changing one's own body might be as easy as putting on or taking off cosmetics. | iStockPhoto