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What Life Is Really Like In Moscow, Russia

From the colorful Kremlin to the brutalist simplicity of Stalinist architecture, Moscow is a city that wears its history on its sleeve.

Recently, the city of Moscow, Russia has undergone numerous improvements. The "Moscow experiment" is a project dedicated to improving liveability within the city. Russia has a dark history that is still somewhat resonant in modern life. Improvements to the city's infrastructure, more bicycle paths and walkways, and better public spaces are being created to help combat this sordid past. But how much have these improvements changed the lives of Moscow's residents? Are their daily lives really better now?

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A few Moscow residents offered their observations in a recent Guardian article. One resident says that many of the improvements make it more difficult for cars in the city due to increased parking rates and pedestrian walkways that force cars to go out of their way. However, he recognizes that this will mean less cars on the road and therefore a cleaner, less polluted city. Another resident said he was excited to see so many more outdoor activities and exhibitions in the summer months, plus renovated parks and more museums. He thinks Moscow is definitely moving towards a better future.

However, some residents are annoyed by the lack of inclusion on these projects. They feel that the city officials did not ask for their input or ideas on any of this new infrastructure. One comment pointed out that this lack of inclusion has always been a big issue in Moscow because it facilitates a lack of trust between the residents. As Moscow resident Sergey Kurakov puts it "You can build as much fancy stuff as the money allows you to but if the Muscovites do not trust each other and don't consider this city to truly belong to them, it will never become a real city and will continue to exist as "a big village" with fancy parks, craft beer and bicycle service."

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