What Is The Deep Space Network & How Does It Work?

Satellites and rovers in space use the Deep Space Network to get information back to Earth. What is it and how does it work?

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Deep Space Network - Communications (NASA)
"We are the first humans in history to experience and see, through robotic eyes and ears, these alien realms. Yet none of these adventures would be possible without the communications links provided by the DSN."

An Inside Look at NASA's Deep Space Network (Motherboard)
"The DSN is a collection of three advanced communications platforms with enormous and sophisticated antennas that exchange data with NASA's missions in space. NASA's three deep-space networks are located in Spain, Australia, and California, and are strategically placed 120 degrees apart in longitude in order to afford constant contact with spacecraft while the Sun rises and sets on the equidistant parts of the earth."

Spy Satellite Engineer's Top Secret is Revealed (NPR)
"Now, Pressel is free to speak about his life's work: designing cameras for a top-secret U.S. government spy satellite. Officially known as the KH-9 Hexagon, engineers called it "Big Bird" for its massive size. Until the government declassified it last month, Hexagon had been a secret for 46 years."