What Is Somaliland And Should It Be Its Own Country?

Somaliland, a region in Africa, is fighting to be recognized as a sovereign nation. So what's stopping it from becoming its own country?

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The Signs Say Somaliland, but the World Says Somalia (nytimes.com)
"Edna Adan Ismail may get angry when she reads this. In fact, she may pick up the phone and vent, berating anyone with the gall to suggest that this city sits inside Somalia."

Somaliland profile (bbc.com)
"A breakaway, semi-desert territory on the coast of the Gulf of Aden, Somaliland declared independence after the overthrow of Somali military dictator Siad Barre in 1991."

Can't get no recognition (economist.com)
"In 1991, after the overthrow of Somalia's military leader Siad Barre, the northern territory of Somaliland declared independence."

AFRICAN Game Changer? The Consequences of Somaliland's International (Non) Recognition (thebrenthurstfoundation.org)
"This Discussion Paper considers the case for Somaliland's formal recognition following the recent 20th anniversary of its declaration of independence (18 May 1991) and in light of the secession of Southern Sudan."