What is a Seeker?

"To be aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair." - Walker Percy

What does it mean to be a seeker? In this video, Jason Silva discusses the meaning behind living life as a seeker. A seeker is someone who always wants to know more, to the point where their mind becomes restless. If you're a seeker you're not just curious -- you are defined by your curiosity.

According to Jason, seeking isn't just about observing and gaining knowledge, it's about exploring the world. Traveling to distant places but also exploring the world of your everyday environment. As a seeker, you are constantly mapping the world, designing it and improving it. You question things about life and spirituality. You're passionate about science and technology, but you're also creative and artistic.

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The idea of being a seeker is one that has been studied by philosophers and theologists for years, resulting in many different interpretations. For spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, one of the biggest epiphanies he had in life was the realization that sometimes finding is just as important as seeking. "For any one of us who is moved by spiritual inspiration, it is important that we seek wholeheartedly until we find. And once we begin to seek, we must not stop until we are convinced, at the deepest level of our being, of the mystical reality that God, or Spirit, is our own true Self," he writes in the Huffington Post.

Cohen goes on to say that becoming a "finder" doesn't mean you have given up on learning and growing, it just means you have transitioned into a state of evolving rather than seeking. "We instead make the effort to evolve because we are in love with life and are committed to unlocking its highest potentials through our own development," he writes.

What do you think it means to be a seeker? What are you seeking in this life?