What Is A Failed State and Is Syria Becoming One? 

As the civil war continues, the future of the Syria hangs on a thread. So is Syria on the path of becoming a failed state?

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Syrian government no longer controls 83% of the country (janes.com)
"Territory fully controlled by President Assad's forces has shrunk by 18% between 1 January and 10 August 2015 to 29,797 km2, roughly a sixth of the country, according to the latest data insights produced by IHS Conflict Monitor."

Fragile States Index 2015 (library.fundforpeace.org)
"The Fragile States Index is an annual ranking of 178 nations based on their levels of stability and the pressures they face."

South Sudan: Economics of a failed state (aljazeera.com)
"South Sudan is only four years old, but the world's youngest nation tops the rank of failed states worldwide."

Legitimate State Monopoly Over The Means of Violence (usip.org)
"What is legitimate state monopoly over the means of violence? "