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What Happens When Strangers Join A Wedding

Sometimes, it's all about being in the right place at the right time.

When Jose Manuel Rios was traveling through Italy in August 2011, he captured a very unique photograph in Florence. One warm summer evening he came upon a peculiar scene in the Piazzo del Duomo, the heart of the city, surrounded by beautiful ancient architecture. He saw a bride in her wedding dress standing on the stone steps of a building with tons of people starting to gather around her.

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Jose realized that everyone was encouraging her to toss the bouquet of flowers she was holding. They began to move in closer, each person hoping to be the lucky one to catch it. Amazingly Jose was quick enough with his camera to capture the exact moment when the bouquet was in mid-air. But the coolest thing about the photo isn't the aerial flowers, it's how happy everyone is. The bride has a big smile on her face and all the spectators are grinning or laughing too. Just looking at the photo gives you a feeling of that moment of happiness.

As if this story couldn't get any more heartwarming, Jose also noticed that a little girl was the one who caught the bouquet. He's not quite sure if she caught it mid-air or if someone was kind enough to give it to her, but either way it made her extremely happy. As a photographer, Jose is very grateful he captured this moment because he knows it's something that everyone there will remember forever.

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