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What Your Co-Workers Are Really Saying in That Email

Most of us use these email phrases everyday, but what do they really mean?

<p>Photo: Thomas Lefebvre // Unsplash</p>

It can be difficult to read someone's tone in an email, with true intentions often getting lost in translation. Yet most of us use email for work and personal communication every single day. With so many common email phrases, how are we suppose to figure out what our friends and co-workers are really saying?

To help us untangle this, compiled a list of the 18 most commonly used passive-aggressive email phrases and attempted to decode what they actually mean. Here are a few of the best ones:

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While these explanations are really just one interpretation, there are studies that show that many people think they're communicating effectively through email when, in reality, they're not. Many people think they can communicate sarcasm through email, but without body language the meaning is often lost. This also goes for communicating things like anger, sadness and humor.

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