What Does The Peace Corps Really Do?

Over the past 55 years, the U.S. Peace Corps has sent volunteers to developing countries across the world. So what do these volunteers do?

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Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Peace Corps (time.com)
"Contrary to popular belief, John F. Kennedy was not the first person to try to create the Peace Corps. "

PEACE CORPS: Performance and Accountability Report (peacecorps.gov)
"On behalf of our Volunteers and staff around the world, I am pleased to present the Peace Corps' Performance and Accountability Report for FY 2015."

Peace Corps Gang Rape: Volunteer Says U.S. Agency Ignored Warnings (abcnews.go.com)
"More than 1,000 young American women have been raped or sexually assaulted in the last decade while serving as Peace Corps volunteers in foreign countries, an ABC News 20/20 investigation has found."

Testimony of Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams Before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Peace Corps, and Global Narcotics Affairs Hearing on "Peace Corps, The Next 50 Years" (peacecorps.gov)
"Chairman Menendez, Ranking Member Rubio, members of the Subcommittee, thank you for the opportunity to testify today."