What Does Bone Marrow Actually Do?

Bone marrow transplants are known to save lives, but how? What makes bone marrow so special?

If you've always wondered about bone marrow - and who hasn't? - you'll want to tune in to today's dispatch, which includes a number of interesting facts on this strange body tissue. For instance: Bone marrow cells are a kind of stem cell, meaning they have the potential to turn into other kinds of cells in the human body.

As such, this fatty and spongy substance inside the bones is actually the birthplace of all your blood cells - or someone else's blood cells, as the case may be. Bone marrow transplants can save lives by restarting healthy blood cell production in those who really, really need it. Could you be a blood marrow donor? Should you be? Jules Suzdaltsev has the details in today's DNews report.

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