What Countries Are Buying The Most Weapons?

The arms trade is one of the most profitable global industries, raking in trillions of dollars. So which country dominates the arms trade?

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Military expenditure (sipri.org)
"World military expenditure was estimated at $1776 billion in 2014, representing 2.3 per cent of global gross domestic product or $245 per person. "

Weapons Expert Warns About ISIS Militants' Supply Of Guns And Ammunition (huffingtonpost.com)
"After the Islamic State captured a major military air base in Syria last week, the extremist group was quick to broadcast its war booty, posing in Syrian fighter jets and posting images of the air squadrons and missiles it claimed to have secured."

US is major driver of global expansion in arms trade, report finds (america.aljazeera.com)
"The international arms trade is booming, with America the major driver of its growth, according to a new report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)."

Saudi Arabia becomes world's top arms importer (rt.com)
"Saudi Arabia has become the world's biggest importer of weapons and defensive systems, overtaking the previous record holder, India, according to a new report which examined the arms trade across 65 countries last year."