We've Simulated The ENTIRE Universe!

Recently, a giant supercomputer was able to create a virtual version of our entire universe! What could we gain by having this simulated world?

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Mind-Blowing Computer Simulation Recreates Our Universe
"Astronomers have a pretty good idea how the universe began and the near-14 billion years of evolution after, but throwing all our knowledge behind one grand computer simulation has been hard."

Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows Evolution of Universe Like Never Before (Video, Images)
"Scientists have cooked up a new time-lapse simulation of the universe's evolution, a computerized view that shows how the cosmos may have looked over the course of billions of years."

Scientists Just Created The Best Simulation Of The Universe Ever
"A new simulation of the evolution of the universe is one of the most accurate ever created."

Properties of galaxies reproduced by a hydrodynamic simulation
"Previous simulations of the growth of cosmic structures have broadly reproduced the 'cosmic web' of galaxies that we see in the Universe, but failed to create a mixed population of elliptical and spiral galaxies, because of numerical inaccuracies and incomplete physical models."

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