The octopus, a marvel in the natural world, inspires researcher across a range of technologies. | Thinkstock

Well-Armed Design: 8 Octopus-Inspired Techs

Cephlapods are dexterous underwater, have the ability to camouflage, have well-developed vision, muscular arms, sensory suction cups and a soft body.

Published On 09/30/2014
1:30 PM EDT
Layers of heat-sensitive dye and light sensors change colors for a camouflage effect. | Cunjiang Yu et al., University of Illinois
Octopus-like suction cups suction improve a robot's ability to grasp objects. | Doug Lafon, ARL
This four-legged guy from Harvard is soft like an octopus and has the ability to change color to blend into its surroundings. | S. Morin, Harvard University
In addition to swimming free, this robo-octopus can crawl and carry objects. | FORTH via Youtube
A sensor-laden silicone arm could lead to more intelligent interfaces. | EPFL
The shoulder-mounted arms are designed to assist in tasks that take place over your head. | MIT d'Arbeloff Laboratory
Soft arms could work well for robotic surgeries. | King's College London