We Can Now Predict Weather On Alien Worlds

Exactly how hot are hot Jupiters? Try about 3300 fahrenheit! Researchers are studying this and other crazy weather patterns on exoplanets!

In the new issue of The Astrophysical Journal - we like to keep a little light reading on hand here at Seeker World Headquarters - scientists provide a most unusual weather report. Thanks to NASA's incredible Kepler telescope, we can actually study the weather on other planets. Not Mars or Venus, but planets in other solar systems entirely, hundreds of light years away.

It's a little unbelievable, really, but hey - NASA doesn't kid around. By breaking down data from the orbital telescope, we can discern the temperature of certain exoplanets and even figure out the quantity, location and chemical composition of individual clouds in the sky. The technology may be useful for sussing out habitable planets, too. Trace Dominguez has the particulars in today's DNews report.

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